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In recent few years there were many games, where you could easily go into the bosom of nature and conduct your own farm online. Some of them were successful, some of them were not. Undoubtedly, Hay Day is one of these games on the top. It offers a lot of possibilities while playing. Everything would be great if not the fact that expansion of the farm becomes really cumbersome in some moments, because it requires a lot of stones and diamonds that can be obtained in Google shop. Sadly, these aren’t cheap things, due to which some of the users simply can’t afford them. Huge number of fans of this game browse Internet in search for a way that will help them in adding some extra diamonds and coins to their account. Yet, it often happens that programs they find are not only flawed, but they are also trying to steal some information from computers like for example passwords for social networking pages by installing spyware software. So, we decided to create completely secured application Hay Day Hack for everyone, who doesn’t want to wait eternity for their farm to become empire. Thanks to that you can add unlimited amount of coins and diamonds to your account. You no longer need to set notifications on your phone just to attend your farm, gather carrots or milk a cow. The added items can be used to upgrade buildings, accelerate the time of crops gathering, purchase new combine harvester thanks to which the game is even more pleasing. In particular, the new users will not be discouraged by the slow development of their farms and they are not going to look with envy at neighbouring farms that are growing, and theirs are small.

Some people ask themselves a question if using Hay Day Hack tool is fair? Well, you can answer this question with another question. Is forcing people to purchase items in the shop in order to develop their farm and enjoy the game is fair? For us, the game makes sense only if everyone is equal and the only aspect that may influence on the level of advancement of our farm is the proper management of resources. That is why we created the tool that can be used by anyone regardless the capacity of their wallets.

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hay day unlimited coins and diamonds

Hay Day is yet another representative of very popular, especially on mobile devices, type of free, social city-builders – or better to say “farm-builders” – because the games about farming have got their successful representative from a long time. That’s why we can safely qualify it to separate subgenre. The recipe for success in this kind of productions seems to be simple: straightforward mechanics based on levelling tasks system, thanks to which along with the progress we access newer and newer buildings, structures, and possibilities. Everything combined with typical free-to-play mode that limits the actions of the player to the time, which is needed to finalize individual contracts. It is intended to make us revisit the game couple or even dozen times a day. In the game there are two currencies: diamonds and coins. The authors from Supercell studio connected the best features of farming games, enriching them with some of their own solutions. The most important one is probably untypical controlling model that uses “swipe” mechanism. It means that in order to conduct given action, we do not use typical taps but we swipe the finger on our screen each time we want, e.g. sow a field or gather crops. We admit that it takes time to get used to this kind of steering model, but after a few hours of playing it’s difficult to perform all the activities in other way. One has to say that it is one of the best farming games that were released in recent years. If you want to derive even more pleasure from your virtual farm, then use our generator.


Is using this application safe?

Yes, Hay Day Hack apk is completely free of viruses and spyware software. We never ask for passwords to your in-game account or any personal data. In order to add items to the game you just need to enter your e-mail address you use by logging in to the game. Your account will never be blocked, as it happens in case of many suspicious programs you can find on the Internet. Keep in mind that our generator is available to download exclusively from this page! If you found this anywhere else, let us know as soon as possible!

On which devices is this apk available?

Generator for Hay Day is available on mobile devices with android/ios operating systems on every version currently available, so you don’t have to worry about your phone not meeting the requirements. What’s more, you don’t need USB cable to connect your phone to the computer. Application can be downloaded directly on your smartphone and launch it there. There is a version on personal computers with Windows and Linux operating systems.

What amount of coins and diamonds can I add?

Bartolek What amount of coins and diamonds can I add? You can add infinite number of diamonds and coins in any moment of your game, even at the very beginning of it. Added items will be permanently assigned to your game account. However, we recommend adding maximum 100 thousand of coins and diamonds a day. It is a safe quantity that should be enough for everyone, even the most demanding player. There is a risk of getting ban in the game while adding bigger numbers, so we do recommend sticking to that.

If there is a problem with Hay Day Hack application or you have any ideas how to improve it, maybe there’s something missing? Well, remember that you can contact with us in any moment through support ticket. We answer as soon as possible.

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